CurTec Drums

CurTec Drums:

CurTec Drums: Choosing new packaging for a product can be a complex balancing act. Packaging must meet the legal requirements regarding protection and labeling, but cannot be too spacious in order to avoid an excessive ecological footprint and high supply chain costs. Time for product optimization!

We offer CurTec Drums, high-performance packaging in a standard range with extraordinary qualities that are suitable for a large number of applications and meet the requirements of many users. However, user requirements can differ considerably and no two applications are exactly alike.


  • United Nations-approved for solids and pastes.
  • Air, water, and water vapor tight closure.
  • Reusable, recyclable.
  • All drums can be made tamper-evident.
  • Robust quality.
  • Excellent stacking capabilities.
  • Solutions to UV, sunlight, static electricity, permeation, and many other problems can be incorporated.
  • Easy handling.
  • Packaging products with the exception of conductive products are suitable for food contact and comply with FDA Type III CFR 21 regulations.

Contact us below to enquire about our CurTec Drums; we will assist you with your requirements. 

The MOQ ranges from 60 units to 15 000 units depending on your size of the drum or container.

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